artists to follow: choreographer Yoann Bourgeois

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choreographer Yoann Bourgeois

                                                                                     French choreographer with the background in circus,

                                                                                 education in contemporary dance and passion for theatre and drama.

Pieces of choreography by Yoann Bourgeois:

The Mechanics of History (2017)

(performance at the Panthéon in Paris on Oct 14, 2017)


Claire de Lune 

(video for Warner Classics)

"I believe that adulthood does not exist. Even if some disguise themselves with serious and adoptive accoutrements, heavy and boring voices of responsibility, abandoned on the way of choosing the most precious that they were. Time passes and a wall becomes impassable. To write, I mean really to write, is to draw a door on this wall, and then open it. The moonlight opens this door wide to bring everyone back to this time where time does not pass. That's also why we become children again. This piece is loved because we want to be saved." 

Yoann Bourgeois


SCALA (2018) 

(trailer for theatre performance)

Link to documentary related to the SCALA performance (language FRENCH) 

The Heart Asks Pleasure First (2019) 

(A Take Away Show at Paris-Orly)

Campaign for Apple Airpods (2019) 


FOLLOW Yoann Bourgeois 

youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxyjPsrKeDQzPiylrIRv4Hg

Instagram @yoann_bourgeois

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