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Terms of service


The present document "Terms of service" (further - the Agreement) represents the offer of SP of TERNOVSKAYA E. I., posted on the website (further - "Website") to sign the contract on the terms of agreement stated below.


  1. General provisions


1.1. You confirm present that from the moment of registration on web-sitea and during time of use of web-site, and also the personalized web-site's services, you are User web-site a up to your personal appeal to web-site's administration with the requirement about refusal of any relationship with web-site.


1.2. Use of the Website by you in any way and in any form within its announced functionality, including:

  1. a) viewing of the materials posted on the Website;
  2. b) registration and/or authorization on the Website;
  3. c) placement or display on the Website of any materials, including but not being limited such as: texts, hypertext references, images, audio and video files, data and/or other information;

creates the contract on the terms of the present Agreement according to provisions of Art. 437 and 438 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.


1.3. Having used any of the opportunities for use of the Website stated above you confirm that:

  1. a) got acquainted with conditions of the present Agreement in full prior to use of the Website;
  2. b) you accept all conditions of the present Agreement in full without any withdrawals and restrictions of you and you undertake to observe them or to stop use of the Website. If you do not agree with conditions of the present Agreement or have no right for the conclusion of the contract on their basis, you should stop any use of the Website immediately;
  3. c) The agreement (including any of its parts) can be changed by the Website without any special notice. New edition of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its placement on the Website or bringing to data of the User in other convenient form if other is not provided by new edition of the Agreement.


  1. General conditions of use of the Website


2.1.Сайт carries out sale of goods by means of the web resource and the accompanying customer services of the Website.
2.2.Сайт carries out delivery of goods in the ways defined regarding the 3rd present of the Agreement.
2.3.Сайт provides access to the personalized services of the Website for obtaining the fullest information on the goods interesting you, creations of ratings and opinions, participations in the competitive programs and other actions which are carried out by the Website.

2.4. Present you give the voluntary consent to informing you about all actions of the Website connected with sale of goods and/or rendering services including about the status of implementation of the order, and also about other events of any character relating to services of the Website.
2.5. Consent to receiving mailing:
Subscribing on SMS and email-mailing of or the third parties authorized for mailing on behalf of on the Internetof, I agree to receive information mailing on phone and the e-mail address specified by me at a subscription through service of a subscription of information mailing on the website I am informed that in case I have a desire to cancel information subscription of, I will need to follow independently the link "Unsubscribe" specified in the text of the messages sent by the website from the e-mail addressof the Website or to report about disagreement of receiving information mailings to the addresses specified in the section "Contacts" of this Agreement. I also permitto the Website or to the third parties authorized for mailing on behalf ofthe Website to collect, to store and process everythingthe personal data given by me to the Website (including a surname, a name, a middle name and the e-mail address) for the purpose of informing on news and other eventsof the Website.
2.6. You agree that the Website does not bear any responsibility for delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, removal or not safety of any notices. At the same time the Website reserves the right of the repeated direction of any notice, in case of its non receipt by you.
2.7. You can ask all questions on information support about the address

2.8. You recognize that the description accompanying goods on the Website does not apply for exhaustive informational content and may contain inaccuracies. You have the right to send all remarks according to the inexact description of goods to the Website to the address

2.9. You recognize that the Website makes sufficient efforts that appearance, packing and characteristics of goods matched the descriptions provided in the catalog of the Website. At the same time the Website brings to your attention that the actual appearance, packing and characteristics of goods can differ from these descriptions in case of assortment goods, and also in case of modification of goods directly in the producer.
2.10. You are informed that the price and existence of goods on the Website changes on round the clock without prior notice of it and are specified in the individual status and a detailed card of goods, displayed in the catalog on the Website.

  1. Obligations of the User when using the Website


3.1. You agree not to use services of the Website on purpose:
3.1.1.zagruzki content which is illegal, violates any rights of the third parties; propagandizes violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination on racial, national, sexual, religious, social signs; contains false information and/or insults to particular persons, the organizations, authorities;
3.1.2.pobuzhdeniya to commission of illegal actions, and also assistance to persons which actions are directed to violation of the restrictions and the bans operating in the territory of the Russian Federation;
3.1.3.narusheniya the rights of minors and/or causing harm by it in any form;
3.1.4.ushchemleniya rights of minorities;
3.1.5.vydachi for other person or the representative of the organization and/or community without the sufficient rights on that, including for employees of the Website;
3.1.6.vvedeniya in a delusion concerning properties and characteristics of any goods from the catalog on the Website; incorrect comparison of goods, and also formation of negative attitude to the persons which are not using certain goods or condemnation of such persons;
3.1.7.zagruzki content which you have no right to make available by the legislation of the Russian Federation or according to any contract relations;
3.1.8.zagruzki content which mentions and/or contains any patent, the trademark, a trade secret, a trade name, the rights, author's and adjacent to them, and equally other rights to the results of intellectual activity belonging or which are legally used by the third parties;
3.1.9.zagruzki the advertisement which is not resolved in a special way and/or spam;
3.1.10.sbora and processings of personal data, information on private life of any persons;
3.1.11.narusheniya normal work of the Website;
3.1.12.narusheniya Russian or international standards of the right.
3.2. You agree not to use on the Website of swear words, obscene and offensive images, comparisons and expressions, including concerning a floor, race, a nationality, a profession, social category, age, language of the person and the citizen, and also concerning the organizations, authorities, official state symbols (flags, the coats of arms, anthems), religious symbols, objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments).
3.3. You recognize and agree that the Website has the right (but not a duty) to refuse at discretion placement and/or to remove any content available through services of the Website.


  1. Privacy policy


4.1. The conditions of Privacy policy and the relation between you and the Website connected with processing of personal data are regulated by the Federal Law Russian Federation No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006. "About personal data".
4.2. Privacy policy works for personal data which the Website obtained or can receive from you at registration and/or execution of the order on the Website, and necessary for implementation of obligations from the Website concerning the acquired by you goods/service and/or your access to services of the Website.

4.3. Privacy policy is available according to the reference –

  1. Conditions of acquisition and delivery of goods


5.1. You can buy goods on the Website, having paid it the next ways: cash, the credit card, electronic money, from personal account of the mobile phone, bank transfer according to the receipt, the gift certificate.

5.2. Present you agree that the payment method chosen by you is not subject to change from the moment of execution of the order on the Website.
5.3. Present you agree that order confirmation, paid with electronic money, the credit card, from the personal account of the mobile phone, bank transfer, happens only after confirmation of funds write-off in payment for the order.
5.4. You confirm that payment of the order in electronic money, the credit card, from the personal account of the mobile phone should be made within 5 calendar days from the moment of its registration on the Website. You agree that in case of an order non-payment after the specified term, the order can be cancelled.

5.5.Сайт carries out delivery of goods the next ways: the delivery service of the Website (express delivery or delivery in point of shipment at own expense), post delivery by services DPD and Russian Post. You have the right to choose any a way of delivery, convenient for you, according to delivery terms to the region / country or proceeding from the preferences.
5.6. You agree that in case of impossibility of transfer of goods to you through your fault, including violations of term by you during which you are obliged to take away goods it will be regarded by the Website as your refusal of goods. At the same time the goods come back to the Website, and the order is considered cancelled.
5.7. In case of your refusal of goods, and also in case of lack of the goods ordered by you, the advance payment listed to the Website for goods, except for Website expenses on delivery of goods, will be returned to you not later than in 10 calendar days from the date of presentation.
5.8. You can send all questions connected with terms and delivery terms of goods in the Website to the address -


  1. Responsibility


6.1servisy the Website may contain references to other resources. You recognize and agree that the Website does not bear any responsibility for availability of these resources and for their content, and also for any consequences connected with use of content of these resources by you.
6.2. You also agree that the Website does not bear any responsibility for your personal data which you provide to third-party resources and/or other third parties in case of transition to them from the Website.
6.3. You confirm that the Website is not responsible for possible loss and/or damage of data which can happen because of violation of provisions of the present Agreement by you, and also the wrong access and/or use of the personalized services of the Website.

6.4. Responsibility for actions of minors, including acquisition of goods by them from the catalog on the Website, lies on lawful representatives of minors.

6.5. You agree that in case of non-execution and/or inadequate execution by the Website of obligations for sale and/or delivery of goods in connection with providing by you doubtful and/or invalid data on itself, and non-performance of conditions of the present Agreement by you is equal to you, the Website does not bear responsibility.


  1. Website requisites

LLC IP Ternovskaya E.I.

INN 772781599865

PSRN 318774600209987

Actual address: Moscow, Partiynyy pereulok 1

E-mail for addresses is


Date of the publication – 30.06.2017

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