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Zidans + Art of Pilates + Alina Khanko

Published 03.08.2023, author Zidans

Zidans is clothing for ballet, yoga, Pilates, swimming, running, fitness —  continue the list!

Together with the trainers from "Art of Pilates" studio in Moscow and the photographer Alina Khanko, we conducted a photoshoot in Zidans clothing. Photoshoots are a creative process, and sometimes ideas are born in the studio. During this shoot, ideas for collaborative photos emerged, resembling geometric shapes.

Alina-Khanko-08 (2).jpg

Alina-Khanko-10 (1).jpg

Alina-Khanko-13 (1).jpg

Alina-Khanko-15 (1).jpg

Alina-Khanko-21 (2).jpg

Alina-Khanko-26 (1).jpg

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