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New editorial publication: MANIFEST for MARIKA MAGAZINE (2021)

Published 07.07.2021, author Zidans

Zidans loves taking part in creative fashion photoshoots. This time we took part in a photoshoot titled MANIFEST for MARIKA MAGAZINE. 


A few words from the author: "This is a photo project and an art performance about erasing mental boundaries and finding harmony. Visual fantasy about the interaction of the inner world and mind of a person with the society in which we live. We reflect about finding ourselves, about freedom and stereotypes. The plot is revealed through the interaction of heroes and space, starting with conflict and ending with harmony. We pursued the goal of combining contemporary art and fashion and used the clothes of the so-called Moscow designers."


MANIFEST for MARIKA MAGAZINE @marika_magazine

Photo: Timofeeva Lenka @vitadminka
Set design: Kukushkina Ksenia @kukushkina.ksenia
Models: Amalia Normann @amalia_normann & Eric Glushko (T-Models @t_modelsagency)
Makeup & hair: Avdeeva Alla @alla_grim & Polilova Alesya @elalesyas
Style: Sasha France
Nails: MANIFEST & Kris Diuma @kris_nail_duma
Light director: Pankov Valentin @_valentin_user
Assistants: Osipov Sergey @_svosipov, Yatsik Sergey @psylight_, Pavlov Nikita @nikita_pavlov01
Wardrobe: @zidancewear@because.msk@atelierodor@artgeranika

MOSCOW / 2021

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