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Competition 'Feet, stained in ballet'

Published 14.11.2018, author Zi

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Competition from Zi: Feet, stained with ballet.

Conditions "Feet, stained in ballet"

Published 15.11.2018 by Zi

Fotomaterials of the winners will be used in one of our tricot in the new collection.

Giveaway conditions:

- Post foto of your feet or feet of anyone else
- Put hashtag #Zicompetition
- Tag @zidancewear and a friend, whom you're passing on a baton, on the foto

Requirements for photos: 1-4 photos from a participant; you should be an author of published photos, no matters whose feet are on the photo; photo materials mustn't be digitally overcorrected (noise cleaning, slight brightness, and contrast correction are allowed)

Timing: work submission - till 25th of November 2018, results announcement - 1st of December 2018

Don't forget - while participating in the giveaway, your profile must be opened, otherwise, we won't be able to see your photos.


  1. Photo Requirements
    1.1 Photos taken directly by the participant are accepted. Contestants are responsible for infringing the copyrights of third parties.
    1.2 The photo should show the feet.
    1.3 Citizens over eighteen take part in the competition.
    1.4 The photo must strictly comply with the theme of the photo contest.
    1.5. The following photos are not accepted for participation in the competition:
    - containing elements of erotica, pornography, propagandizing violence, racism or other forms of discrimination of a person, offending the religious feelings of other people;
    - contrary to the norms of morality and ethics;
    - photos of naked children;
    - demonstration of the processes of smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
    - infringing the laws of the Russian Federation;
    - infringing the copyrights of third parties.
    Copyright Compliance Requirements
    In accordance with the provisions of Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2006 No 230-ФЗ, the copyright in photographs belongs to the authors of these works.
    By submitting a photo for the competition, the participant thereby confirms that:
    2.1 He is the only author (copyright holder) of the photograph or has exclusive rights to use the photograph;
    2.2 By providing a photograph, it does not violate the intellectual rights of any other third parties;
    2.3 The rights to this photo do not have any encumbrances or restrictions, are not transferred to anyone, not alienated, not ceded, not pledged, no disputes, claims, or other claims of third parties regarding the rights to the photo are not available, and they are free from any rights of third parties;
    2.4 The use by the organizer of the competition of a photograph submitted by the participant of the competition does not violate the intellectual or other rights of both the participant of the competition and third parties;
    2.5 He agrees that the organizer of the competition Zidancewear has the right to use at its own discretion, including posting, to replicate, the photo submitted by the participant of the competition without any restrictions and payment to the participant of the competition of any remuneration;
    2.6 The Bidder grants the full and absolute right to use, publish and sell, without limitation, photographs provided to the Organizer and based on them on Internet sites, exhibitions, outdoor advertising, in print on any media, or for any other purposes not inconsistent with current legislation. RF.
    2.7 A participant of the competition allows Zi dancewear to edit the photos provided, incl. retouching, darkening, distorting and changing the image, the use of optical effects, use in compositions.
    2.8 The participant of the competition confirms that he will not dispute the copyright and property rights to the photos submitted to the competition.
    2.9. The organizer of the competition has the right to publish photos on the Internet, in any kind of media, outdoor advertising, etc. both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in any other countries of the world independently and without the consent of anybody.
    2.10 The Organizer has the right not to indicate the full or abbreviated full name of the participant both in all and in the individual photo.
    2.11 In case of any claims by third parties regarding the provided photo, the participant undertakes to settle them on his own and at his own expense, and the photo is removed from participation in the competition;
    2.12 The participant independently and fully bears legal responsibility for the violation of such rights and freedoms, including the illegality of the use of images of any people depicted in the photo submitted by the participant in the competition;
    2.13 The winner transfers to the Organizer of the Zidancewear Competition non-exclusive rights to use the photo (including: the right to distribute, import, publicly display, process, apply to products and replicate these products, including sales) and allow the Organizer to use the provided photo to copy or convert it as a whole or as part, separately or in connection with any words and/or pictures, and also to use without specifying the name of the author. The rights are considered granted upon the announcement of the name of the Winner.
    The organizer undertakes not to use the image of the participant in the competition in ways that discredit his (her) honor, dignity, and business reputation.
    Sending photos to the contest is evidence of agreement with the terms of the contest.

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